Time zones are tricky. Basics, a bit of history, and tips in this article will help designers and developers create UIs with good UX.

System time is the way we deal with time in software. This is universally defined as seconds that passed since 1 January 1970 00:00:00 UT. From the software perspective, the time is the same, and identified in relation to Universal Time (UT).

Time in different parts of the world is determined by time zones. Time zones are a function of the Earth movement, the Sun and human agreements.

Today, the world uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) as a standard to set our clocks and time. Offsets are how the time changes while going east and west of UTC.

There is a team of people working on your website. They do research, learn what are the expectations of visitors. The team works on information architecture, navigation, how articles, steps, forms or data are presented, what comes first, what is the priority. How to fit all of those things on a tiny screen, but also make it look magnificent on a 4k display. Hours of work put into finding the right flow, guessing what user is trying to achieve.

And then someone decides that a pop-up with newsletter subscription or a chat with a consultant is going to be helpful.

Image by shayestehpur (Unsplash)

Few days ago Inc. published an article with „41 of Google’s Toughest Interview Questions”. Here, I answer all the questions; just for fun. I do not want to prove anything, I am not actively looking for a job at Google at the moment (this is not a recruitment trick of any sort). This is an exercise. I will be wrong. Expect mistakes. Do not trust my reasoning.

This is not an appreciation nor criticism of the questions as an approach to interview future candidates. I believe it is sometimes better to ask about previous experiences than to require on-demand creativity…

Experience is overrated. Overemphasized. Especially in creative fields of design and technology.

As experience I mean a practice of doing something as a professional, not a process of using a product or a service that results in emotions and outcomes. I want to talk about how we work here.

First flight of the Wright Flyer I (December 17, 1903) after the first, failed, attempt just 3 days before (December 14)

We often hear have you ever done that before? and are expected to confirm, before we can proceed with whatever we are trying to do. Years of practice or go back doing what someone with experience told you to. No previous case studies that show our capability? Surely you will not…

One illustration for each talk. Stockholm, 2014.

We Don’t Talk Anymore by Dan Rubin

We seek each others, but when we are finally together we seek ways to isolate.

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