HybridConf Memories Illustrated

Łukasz Tyrała
3 min readAug 31, 2014

One illustration for each talk. Stockholm, 2014.

We Don’t Talk Anymore by Dan Rubin

We seek each others, but when we are finally together we seek ways to isolate.

Javascript and the Rise of the new Virtual Machine by Scott Hanselman

Hi, I am Scott and I battle with a developer to top Google search results.

How to Open Source by John O’Nolan

Ideas die all over the world — every single day.

Starting Tictail by Kaj Drobin

A one complicated button.

Do What Makes You Great a.k.a. How UX Changed My Life by Natasha Irizarry

Get outside of the building

PVNCTVS Contra PVNCTVM by Jay Fanelli & Nathan Peretic

A story about two guys who started a partnership in a small town, with no money, by finding a niche. And that was a bullshit, so they kept their job, hated each other, moved to a big city, got a bag of money and conquered the world.

A New Take on Windows by Tobias Ahlin

Always Be Removing, thus never do hamburgers.

Space: the Final Frontier by Tom Soderstrom

Hi, NASA here!

How to Build the Right Thing by Hampton Catlin

Sometimes stuff just needs to load…

My Grandmother’s Books are Neatly Stored in an App by Cat Noone

Kid, you’ll move mountains.

Teachings for the Archipelago by Jonny Strömberg

It was because of the dress.

Learning How to Tinker by Andrew Nesbitt

Rabbits do not care about robots

The Designtist by Travis Schmeisser

I was Peter Venkman

Scaling Yourself by Scott Hanselman

Long emails should not be written. If it is long, it should be published.

Where Have All the Web Designers Gone? by Nathan Ford

A dasigner explores

Lessons from the Lomonade Stand by Carl Smith

Kids know better

Some day I will write a short summary of each of the talks. For now you can just be angry on yourself for not attending HybridConf. (Be sure to do that next year!)

Thanks to Zach and Laura for creating such a great conference.



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