Łukasz Tyrała


  • Andrzej J. Bacz

    Andrzej J. Bacz


  • Mikolaj Pawlikowski

    Mikolaj Pawlikowski

    I build things most of the day. I research productivity, self-improvement and happiness when I’m not.

  • Maja Szpot

    Maja Szpot

  • Zaheera Ismail

    Zaheera Ismail

    UX designer. Multimedia artist. Horror geek. Occasional writer. Devoted gaming enthusiast. I may or may not have also invented some very important things.

  • (((JoAnn Locktov)))

    (((JoAnn Locktov)))

    Publicist: design, architecture. Venetophile. Publisher @DreamOfVenice & Dream of Venice Architecture. Available everywhere: http://bellafigurapublications.com/

  • John Hartley

    John Hartley

    Engineering leader with a passion for building and growing teams. Writing mostly about leadership, onboarding, interviewing, and management in the tech industry

  • Sophie Hammel

    Sophie Hammel

  • Sebastian Dadał

    Sebastian Dadał

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